Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tips for men. How to improve your family life?

Those tips that I will describe in this article, has revolutionized my family life after the wedding. At the beginning of married life, right after the wedding, I did not fully understand what is important to women, and that - no. Did not understand the desire of the Russian woman, and that she wants me to do. And also how to improve family life and make his family happy. Why did sea of ​​errors, and then spend the sea of ​​time and nerves to correct them. Read what I have changed in my life and that worked. I am sure that this will work and you. Maybe one or two suggestions do not suit you, then do not apply. So, the advice for men on how to improve family life and relationship after the wedding:

First - Be neat and clean. Become a neat and clean. Most Russian women are much more neat and tidy than men. Russian women are quite painfully react to men's carelessness, even if silent. Become a little more carefully, and you will save a minimum of 20% of the problems in the family. Wash a little more often, wash, wash the dishes, etc.

 Second - Make your chores without being asked. Do in their own home on their own, without a reminder. No matter how much you make at home, 20%, 70 or 100% of household duties. Russian woman will still be unhappy if their performance you need to repeatedly remind execution control, and after doing something permanently altered. Notice, man, I did not say, do more housework.

Friday, July 27, 2012

As a woman checks a man?

As a woman checks a man?
So, to clarify the question of how a Russian woman checks (tests), a man, let's agree that we are aware that:

- First, in choosing a male partner, she is guided by the so-called samochnym sexual instinct that when choosing a partner compares the actual quality of the men with the qualities inherent in the most attractive type of men to women - high ranking.
The ranks we talked about in his article "The main ground on which a Russian woman chooses a man."

- Second, a Russian woman during pregnancy and rearing is a long time incapable of independent existence. And this is especially true if the progeny is numerous.
So before you get pregnant Russian woman have to make sure that this man:
A. Viable, then there is a strong genetic material, which should be continued;
Two. Will provide her and their children together.

Vitality and desire to ensure that the criteria are the starting point for testing a man a woman, during which she received for a confirmation that the man he meets.

Thus, testing is a creation of man-woman of all possible situations that allow men to show their strengths, and a woman make sure she was not mistaken in their choice.

If a man with a desire to ensure that women and children, in general, that everything is clear, the concept of sustainability requires a special explanation, especially since it is extremely mnogosmyslennyh and is therefore a primary and a wide field for women's tests.

Viability is determined by the men of his personal characteristics that shape its rank, as we have said in the article The main ground on which a Russian woman chooses a man.

Russian women like men:
confident, authoritative, optimistic, determined, enterprising, ambitious, emotional, humorous, narcissistic, selfish, Dodgers, scoundrels, villains and violent arrogant idiots.

These and other similar personal characteristics of men seeking women detected by testing.

Now we can talk about how to test a man a woman. In this case, we will not analyze in detail how a woman can test each of the characteristics that we only look at some examples to understand.

Visual Testing
A) The first information about a man gets a woman, testing the appearance of men. She appreciates his height, shoulder width apart, body proportions, the absence of express deformities, skin, hair and nails, the state of maturity of body fat and muscle.

B) Invite a man to dance, she can visually and tactilely estimate its physical characteristics and sexual potential. It must pay attention, does her man in the dance or not.
In dance, a woman can appreciate plastic, endurance, coordination and other similar characteristics.
The dance is a lot of information is encrypted. Usually it is read and analyzed subconsciously. Looking at the man in the dance, we can understand what he is in bed and in life in general.

B) a visual display of high-ranking males, and hence its attractiveness is its mood. Handsome man with a hunted look and fear in her eyes just will not attract a woman. But it does not involve an ugly, but self-confident, powerful and funny man.

D) Fashion and attitude of the men.
Testing of the exterior man can give a woman more. Model cars, mobile phones, brand clothes, trendy, style - nothing escapes the attention of women.
That's what we wrote about this Oleg Novoselov, in his book "The Woman. Book for Men ":
"Man has long been characterized to adorn themselves. When the hunter of the wild tribe hung around his neck a necklace of trophies - the claws he had killed the bear cave, it served as proof of his strength and dobychlivosti. Likewise, today's "Style", a fashionable "outfit", cell phone or an expensive car is signaled to the modern female dobychlivosti male - hunter stone jungle. And at the same time that the male is, in principle, controllable. That is, pulling on the thread of "vanity," she will be able to manipulate it. "
Thus, for the accessories that a man is with him and a woman determine its viability, dependence on other people's opinions (fashion), it is easy to see whether a man susceptible to manipulation.

"Interview" as a test
Personally, I fully realized the power of this method of testing the female, when acquainted with the girls through dating sites and met with them.
Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I was under interrogation. And the interrogation began almost immediately.
Questions followed one another, and then I came out of the game, saying something like, "Bah! - Yes, you liar. You lied to me. She said that an architect, and I think that the investigator. Tell me, why do I talk to a liar like you? ... "
By asking questions, the woman angling for a man's income information, his ambitions, to the family and raising children, and many other. And the woman listens to the answer myself, but at the same time, "reads between the lines." And most importantly, she said to herself vulnerable places in the psyche of men.

Testing with checks
Checks are artificially created woman targeted situations in which men are required to prove himself.

A) a man colliding with an opponent, it checks the quality of security and fighting men. To do this, it artificially provokes conflicts and open competition between the men, giving more attentions in parallel.

B) Check for sexual hunger
We have already noted that one of the criteria for a high-ranking males, and hence its attractiveness is its sexual success. Therefore, a woman will check how this man is hungry to female attention, and the body. A woman teases the man: meaning that he can count on having sex with her, she always denies it, in fact, looking at his reaction. I would even call it a test of the ability of men to "take" a woman. Because to take his high-ranking men is natural.

B) Check for cash and generosity
Here's how to write about the women themselves:
One. "Invite him to the movies, or cafe. And look closely at his reaction.
Reaction 1: during the invitation. If the eyes and removes nerve assures us that the street good weather, then quickly look for another product. This is just a pretty wrapper, but inside is empty.
Reaction 2: this is when you're in a cafe, and it's time to order, if a man asks you what you want the answer, but what will you be? If, says that is not hungry - lying! When a healthy man was not hungry? They are all troglodytes, if he wants meat, and the orders of his own, feel free to choose what you want, everything is in order. "

And the opposite of the first sense, option:
Two. "I'm testing at the generosity. I often offer to pay for itself in public places. Almost everyone agrees. Or agree with the reservations (for example, in part) that in general I was most amused. If you agree - do not talk to him, but they do still surprised. The expected "correct" response - categorical rejection of the fin. support ... I respect. "

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to get acquainted with the Russian girl, seduction tactics

Not so long ago I was still very green youngster in the Russian women and pickup. At the sight of a beautiful girl, I was afraid to raise my eyes, not to mention how to talk to her. But as time went on, bored, lonely, and had to act.
Starting pickup, I recommend on the street and with complete strangers Russian girls. Why in the street? In the first case in the best of luck for you and no one will remember, and you go on, and secondly in the evening Russian girls are usually relaxed, someone is going to work, but who is going to just relax and look for adventure, and third choice on the street rather large (the abundance of such a choice at times breathtaking and jaw droops).
So the first thing we do is decently dressed and go out into the street. The word properly understood simply beautiful dress in clean clothes, sprinkle cologne, polish shoes and go to great deeds.
Second, the choice of a Russian girl, with whom we meet. Here, as they say on the tastes do not - simply choose to explore those girls that you liked, and in fact if there is such a huge selection is not so difficult, because you have the choice of the entire city.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sex russian ladies

One room Angelica, russians sexy women, withdrew children who either (did not leave for a minute Barba true. By the time she ceased work for Mr. Bourget and went to his old mistress - Madame Moran, that is, to Angelica. Angelica, russians naked women , really like to see her children in the future have to his name this charming prefix "de", which gives all the ensuing privileges. "Money makes everything" - I thought Madame Moran. Who-who, but she knew their power over people. - Money opens the way to freedom and power, - said Geoffrey.
On the evening of his arrival Angelika was happy. She laughed, running through all the rooms with Florimond and Cantor. She was a bit of furniture, three beds, a table, chairs and two small sofa. That was the whole situation in the apartment. But Angelica, russian young women, do not lose heart. The fire from the fireplace with its warmth caressed her face, neck, and work-worn hands. The kitchen smelled nice pancakes. Near the fireplace a little dog Date and slender maid Zhavotta fun playing hide and seek, and Florimond, laughed, clapped his hands. Nestled on the street, Frank Bourgeois, Angelica decided to start a guard dog, as du Marais district was far from the center, and swarming with bandits. But the patronage of the great Resp saved her from a surprise attack. All the thieves know where he lives the former Marquis of angels, which were legendary in the criminal world.
Not long ago, Angelique took into his service, that Russian girl who lure Florimond and Cantor, when they were at the nurse. The nurse, of course, did not recognize in Mrs. Moran that beggar with a knife in his hand. Angelica, sexy naked russian ladies, bought a Russian girl, and since then Zhavotta was in her office. Casting a glance at the girl playing, she remembered the fear, the terrible condition of her kids were.
"Never again will they hunger, never will be cold," - she kept repeating himself.
That evening, she decided to indulge his "angels", buying them toys for the big money from a merchant who came from Nuremberg. With joy she beheld his little family.

Submissive russian women

Customers are talking and talking, gesticulating, and blushing. Angelica, russians little girls, a quick glance at the table at which sat a stranger.
A bottle of Burgundy was barely, he was absolutely lrezv.
- That an omelet, which I ate a few days ago, - the stranger - was absolutely similar to the present. Who is preparing an omelet last time?
Thinking Angelica remembered that on the day she cooked an omelet unfortunate.
-R-I am very glad that you appreciated my "humble art. - Angelica, russians sexy women, for the second time curtsied. - The one I cooked an omelette.
The man stood up.
- Oh babe, your husband is so happy, that can have such meal. I want to ask the recipe and write off the cooking.
They sat down, filled their glasses.
- So, for dating, a wonderful cook. Angelica suggested the practical mind that this
a rich client can bring their familiar friends, and they, in turn, - its own.
"The main thing - to create a clientele of an institution," - she thought to herself.
A client wrote, word for word recipe for an omelette. When they finished, he exclaimed:
- I look forward to next time to bring their friends here. He pulled out a tight wallet and paid generously.
The idea of ​​Angelica, russian young naked girls, was a success. The clientele was growing every day. By the beginning of 1663 Angelica, russian women single, performed by three of its intimate affair she moved. Her old house oppressed, who was near the Chatelet. New house, who was near, in the same area was much cleaner and better here, even to breathe freely.
Angelica, russian women nude free, bought a one-story small house consisting of three rooms and a comfortable kitchen. This apartment seemed a paradise, and that it was her mistress. Now, her house was on the street, Frank Bourgeois, near the historic castle. Even in the era of Henry IV, a distinguished financier began building there is a fine hotel with white brick, but the war prevented to pursue the case. Only one side of the hotel was completed.

Song russian girls

In the morning she came home. She was happy. Angelica, russian sugar girls, entered the room, undressed and jumped into bed. The bed was cold, but reigned in her soul at rest. Tomorrow a new day with their miseries and joys. Now the important thing is that it will be left alone: ​​it can not be afraid for his life and his "angels."

- Yes, God damn me if I had ever perestuplyu the threshold of the inn, where you can cheat!
Upon hearing this statement, Barba rushed headlong for help Angelica, russian women horny. The client complained and was not happy. Barba, russian university women, saw him several times in the tavern. He was decently dressed ^ must have been a noble lord, staggering in search of adventure. He always paid twice in a row. And this statement comes as a bolt from the sky.
Smiling one of his charming smiles, Angelica went to the client. Glancing her withering gaze, he opened his mouth. But without giving him time to recover, Angelica, russian very young girls, vokliknula:
- Sir! Than we could have sinned, why your mercy so unhappy?
She gave him a nod, a little neck-op ustilos, revealing the edge of the breast damn charming.
- I want you to repeat - he began, stammering - that my legs would no longer be on the threshold of your institution.
- But who deceived you, my dear sir?
- You have to guess in my mind, a Russian beauty, in my hotel quite a lot of cooks and servants that I have not roamed the taverns. I am not the first time I go to this tavern. The first time I was here drew a magical aroma emanating from the windows of the kitchen.

Sochi russian women

Without saying a word, Angelica, russian sex girls, approached and dropped into a bowl a heavy purse full of gold louis. She also brought other gifts: a big ham, sausages and a few other provisions. Such is the custom.
Janine immediately recognized her. After removing the pipe from his mouth, he smiled and waited for a bit of respectability, he exclaimed:
- Bah! Marquis, I'll wait a long time. You play a dangerous game.
Angelica came close to the "throne" and with his head bowed and bowed.
- I know that, if still alive, then this obligation to you. She lifted her head and looked into his bulging
the eye. On both sides of the great Resp were bodyguards, who at any moment fall upon those who dare to contradict the "King Tyunov." A short distance away sat a large and small eunuchs, and stood next to the broom, which was tied to the corpse of a dog. Wooden Back was wearing, good coat and hat, stuck in a big three red pen. As she was familiar with this situation!
Angelica promised great Resp that every month on a certain day he would receive the tax and that the table will burst from the dishes, personally prepared by her. Instead, she requested to scare away the poor from the tavern, "The Brave Rooster". Janine paused, then raised his hand - and he was handed a large goblet of wine hissing.
- Must wet our alliance, Marquis, russian sugar girls, - he laughed his wild laughter. - Thanks to your beautiful eyes, I'll do what you ask, though risking his reputation in the criminal world. We are not so easy to leave. Let this be the first and last exception in my life - and Jeanine overturned cup, drank to the dregs. - But, remember, do not try to betray us. And then I'll make you a life sentence rather, that no one saw.
And he again laughed his sepulchral laughter, from which his "court," moved back in fear.
Angelica, russian single women, said goodbye, cross your fingers and spit on the floor as a sign that it will keep its word. So, now it should be left alone. It can work freely, and there in the future? ..